Sunday, July 4, 2010


beach themed theme bedding quilt teen girls decor bedroom comforter lime green pink


beach ball pillow on rattan bottom bedroom chair

I have a special place in my heart for beach bedding sets for girls and the accompanying decor. So, after finishing up on my client's kitchen decorating project (which went off without a hitch) I offered to give her teen girl's bedroom a mini-makeover when I noticed that she had a really cute set of beach themed bedding smack dab in the middle of a room with absolutely no personality or pizzazz.

tropical beach themed theme lamp shade bedroom table

The teenage girl's mom was thrilled at my offer and started to produce some matching pillows and bedroom decor that were bought to go with the beach bedding set and were not being fact they were stuffed inside the closet.

My ideas are to buy more pillows, as one beach ball pillow does not make a pretty arrangement even on a twin size bed, and to find a cheap table lamp and replace the existing lamp shade with the one that matches the beach theme quilt.

After she gets over the sticker shock of the more expensive kitchen decorating project, I'm going to suggest that she buy new carpet for her teen's beach themed bedroom (that mud brown color rug is just not doing it) AND a new headboard for the bed and by that time she might want to check into some of the new beach bedding sets for girls that are out by that time and just start from scratch.

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