Thursday, December 9, 2010

Purple Leopard Bedding

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Everybody was clamoring to find purple leopard bedding sets after Christmas last year. My mailbox was full of emails from teen girls, college girls, young adults not to mention a few grandparents looking for the bedroom stuff on sale to get ready for Christmas next year! I'm not exaggerating, if you can think of the demographic I can probably produce a panicky sending e-mail asking where to find this very set of purple and black leopard print bedding. I suppose they thought just because I am a professional decorator and have a blog that I can snap my fingers or wiggle my nose and magically produce the most popular comforter set of the year after it's been sold out for weeks. DON'T I WISH?!

If I could have found this purple leopard bedding in the early months of last year, so help me, it would have saved me hours and hours of pleading with my clients' teen daughters to PLEASE choose another comforter set for their bedroom makeovers.

I'm writing to you now to tell you that as of this moment (no promises for even 10 minutes from now so DON'T write me snarky messages if you wait too long!) this purple leopard bedding set is available and at a very cheap price considering how popular it was and still seems to be. So, use the link I provided for you above and go get this girls bedding set before the thing sells out again.

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